Opening Music and Introduction
An Unexpected Surprise!
How Opposites Attract, but Generally don’t WORK
Catching a BREAK and going with the flow!
The Difference between an INCONVENIENCE and a PROBLEM

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What is an Amazing Life and what does it look like (and NOT look like)?

Why Money DOESN’T solve problems
The ONE POWER Money has
The difference between Rich People and Poor People
Money as a Magnifier
Lucky’s Unfair Advantage
Dawn’s Facebook Challenge
We are the result of who we surround ourselves with
Jen Sincero “You are a Badass”
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The Difference Between Wanting and Deciding

Comparisons Kill Momentum

Step TWO: Shift your FOCUS from the AVOIDANCE of Discomfort or Negative Outcome
Fear Keeps Focus on What we Don’t Want
What you Focus on Grows

Step THREE: Engage the Emotions, and establish the WHY that FIRES YOU UP
Tim Ferriss, The Four Hour Workweek
“Most will choose unhappiness over uncertainty”

Step FOUR: Believe as a child
The Tony Robbins Firewalk and the one who fucked up
When we’re young, the filter is clean, and we BELIEVE
The “Girl Who Dove”
How Life Happens and Changes How we Do Things

Step FIVE: DUMP Certainty – Be willing to take at least “Calculated Risks”
What Happens when you do Everything RIGHT.
Why Security is an Illusion
The 100% Survival Rate
The Dangers of Playing It Safe
The NUMBER ONE CAUSE of Unhappiness
Bob Bitchin Cruising Outpost and Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine and Show
The Amazing Thing that Happens from a Storm
“Batten the Hatches!”
Understand your Need to Cross the Lines in Life

Step SIX: Face your Fears Squarely and Understand What You’re REALLY afraid of
“What about PIRATES?”
Calculate the REAL Risk
Don’t Believe the HYPE
You’re going to get hurt and scared ANYWAY, so GO FOR IT!
Shit is Going to Happen
You can be doing EVERYTHING RIGHT, and still face a Disaster

Step SEVEN: Be completely Honest and Authentic with YOU at all Times
Like who you see in the Mirror, first.
Dump the Facade, be Unapologetically YOU

Step EIGHT: Be Uncompromising
Don’t SETTLE or Apologize for your Standard

Step NINE: Stop Waiting for a BREAK, and Go NOW
I’ll be Happy “When”
The Definition of HAPPINESS

Step TEN: Re-Invent Yourself
How to CREATE who you Want to Be

“Put the Bong Down and Do Something!”
The Monday DREAD

Step TWELVE: Abandon Mediocrity and your EXCUSES
Get off your ASS and Get to WORK
What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
Why Minimum Wage Shouldn’t be $15
“I’m working full time on my job, and part time on my fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Step THIRTEEN: Think Outside the BOX
How Dawn’s friend MADE money on a six month “vacation”
How one Woman Made BANK on the BEACH IN BELIZE by following her BLISS

Steve Jobs Quote: Remembering I’ll be Dead Soon…

There’s no reason NOT to go for it!
Love your LIFE!
Now is the TIME.


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