More often than not, the LIES about life and how it works, are so loud, powerful, and frightening, that we spend most of our time, energy, emotions, and more, scurrying to satisfy the desires of the few, who actually know the TRUTH.

I once heard a story told, by the Great and Powerful OZ!

Well okay, it was actually Jim Rohn. But his words pierced through me with the same soul shaking power, as the Wizard’s loud and thunderous voice, back when I was just a young child. The big difference between Jim and the Wizzard, was that Jim was a rare man that actually LIVED his TRUTH!

Life’s Victim: “My wife left me. My kids won’t talk to me. I lost my job. The bank foreclosed on my house. I was living in my car when it was burglarized, and then it got repossessed.

WHY does shit like this keep happening to me?”

Jim: “You know, I used to try and figure all that stuff out. Now I just take the simple approach.”

Victim: “What do you mean?”

Jim: “Best I can figure, shit like that happens to people like you.

So, may I suggest you stop being like YOU, and start being like ME. Stuff like that NEVER happens to me.”

A harsh bit of truth to swallow, there. BUT, then again, TRUTH often is.

This is just a blunt way of saying, the mirror never smiles first. Or, life does NOT give us what we want, it reflects who we are.

Do I REALLY need to have one crappy relationship after another? Do I REALLY have to lose all my shit to learn how rich I truly was? Do I REALLY need to give away or sell everything I own in order to have my dream life? Does money REALLY grow on trees? Could life get any easier? Am I just a magnet for amazing people, or what?

All good questions, and all with the same answer: YES.

You see, it doesn’t matter what we want. It matters what we KNOW to be as TRUTH.

And what we KNOW, is based upon what we believe.

And what we believe is based upon what we think, and then find evidence to support.

And what we think is a matter of imagination.

And what we imagine is a matter of choice.

And at the end of the day, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU!

Do you REALLY want to know what TRUTH is?

TRUTH is gravity. Truth keeps your butt pinned to the ground. Truth doesn’t slam into you, you slam into it! Truth is just there, keeping order, doing what it does to keep everything in its place.

But you know what else truth is?

TRUTH is aerodynamics!

TRUTH lets you fly through the air like a bird. TRUTH is freedom. TRUTH, when understood, allows you to do what others cannot, while they scratch their heads and call what you’re doing A MIRACLE.

And the TRUTH is, there are no miracles. There are only TRUTHS that are oblivious to the masses, or misunderstood.

You see, TRUTH is what you want it to be.

But how?

Because God/Life/The Universe set it up this way.

If something in life happens ONCE. That is what we call an incident.

If something in life happens twice, we call that a co-incidence.

If something in life happens repeatedly, and predictably, that is what is known as a LAW.

SCIENCE/GOD is making this easier to understand, all the time. But, unless we are willing to do a little experimentation with our own lives, we will never discover what other Truths/Reality/Laws we can change our reality with.

How do I KNOW all this?

Because I’ve done more than a little experimenting of my own, and radically changed my life with it!

Sometimes, those experiments ended up in huge explosions. And sometimes, those experiments resulted in discovering something incredibly positive and useful.

You see, it wasn’t all that long ago, I found myself divorced, homeless, and living in my truck.

As you can imagine, there comes a point where something needs to change, and something did.


And so did my experiments.

I eventually ended up remarried, to the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and talented woman I have ever known, Dawn Read.

And the changes kept coming.

We soon moved aboard our beautiful 43-foot yacht, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, just a stone’s throw from an island with one of the prettiest beaches in the country.

And still, the changes came.

Together, we began teaching people how we changed our lives in such a dramatic and almost unbelievable way, and showing them how they could, too.

And, not surprisingly, THEY also started changing their once stagnant and stuck lives for the better.


No; repeatable, and predictable, LAW.

It took half a lifetime, but I finally learned that we are ALWAYS the major influencing factor of whether the outcome will be positive or negative.

I know, this is not news to some of you.

But, how do we change OUR life with this LAW? I mean, many of you are already, at least vaguely familiar with it. In fact, many of you have been STUDYING it for years, and still haven’t been able to change your life with it.

Let me say this: It’s what you know that got you to where you are. It’s what you THINK you know that’s keeping you there.

The key lies in what some of you may have gleaned in my description of truth. And it is this: TRUTH is not imagining, thinking, or believing. You see, all of these factors are the precursors to experience. Prior to experience, they are all just abstract theory. Yes, they are essential building blocks, but they are NOT experience. Therefore, EXPERIENCE is the cause of knowing, and knowing is the effect.

However, this effect of KNOWING must now be translated into BEING in order to cross the bridge of manifestation.

I refer to the story above. “Stop BEING like you, and start BEING like me. That stuff never happens to me.”

Next, I will discuss how to cross that bridge.

But, for now, chew on this for a while:

Ever hear the story, How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

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