Why do Dawn and I share so much of our experiences, and even some intimate interactions, in public and on social media? 

It’s simple.


To show what’s possible—not just for us, but for ANYONE who uses the same tools and strategies we use. 

We aren’t TELLING anyone how to think; but we ARE demonstrating what our thinking and approach to life and love produces; not in THEORY, but in the REAL world. 

For example:
Far too often, I may appear to many men, as…well, to put it quite brutally… 


The insanely over-the-top compliments I constantly display on social media may even border on nauseating to some. 

At the same time, however, how many of these same men might feel a little twinge of jealousy when I mention getting morning sex, a nice back scratching, and steak and eggs for breakfast—and it’s not even my birthday?

Do they honestly think there is no correlation between what I give and what I get? 

I believe most men know the answer. 

But, I also believe most men think there is a “good if sold by” due date on it as well. 

I also know many men have tried loving and giving to this extreme before…

And they’ve gotten burned. 

Let’s be clear, though. 

The problem was NEVER in the GIVING of such over the top affection; giving too much is NEVER the problem. 
So you say, “But I’ve loved to this extreme before, only to have it all taken for granted, unappreciated; and eventually lost the respect, passion, and relationship itself, AND so has every OTHER guy I know.” 

So the lesson learned was to hold back, or play hard to get?


Let me ask you something:

Think about work for a second. Would you agree or disagree; that most employers have the mentality of, “what’s the least we can pay you, without you quitting?” 

And, wouldn’t you also agree or disagree, that most employees have a mentality of “what’s the least I can do, and not get fired?”
Of course there are always exceptions, and I’m certain you are one of them. 

But, look around.

Aren’t most folks giving the least effort in most every area, and expecting the largest return? 
Of course they are! And romantic relationships are no different. 

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

The problem with hold-back-and-play-hard-to-get thinking is that it is an emotionally immature solution, which produces safe, but limited and extremely unfulfilling results. 

The lesson learned should NOT have been to withhold; but rather, that YOU, as the GIVER, did not have or enforce your

A high price MUST be paid for high value.
Without it, respect IS lost. 
This is NOT negotiation or bargaining. 
This is about knowing the VALUE you bring to the relationship, and the UNWILLINGNESS to have it discounted, or left out in the yard for the neighbor kid to steal. 
High value requires a high cost. And folks who APPRECIATE high value or quality, are more than willing to pay for it. 
Dawn and I both GIVE high value. BUT, WE also REQUIRE it!
We both know the high cost of being in a relationship with one another. We know the extremely emotionally satisfying BENEFITS, as well. 
And, this is not a simple one-time investment. It is an ongoing commitment to ensure the protection of the most important element of our lives—our HEARTS. 
Want to fail in your current or future relationship, or become another divorce statistic? 
Then hold back, play it safe, risk nothing, and keep your partner guessing. 
Oh sure, they’ll stay for a little while. Hell, they may stay for years. BUT this environment MURDERS long-term passion. 
Regardless of how passionate you may THINK your relationship is, it cannot compare to how hot it COULD be when your partner feels SAFE. 
And, feeling threatened or discounted or kept at emotional arm’s length will never produce a sense of safety, or true intimacy.
I’m not talking about being vulnerable. In fact, when your mate feels SAFE with you, they will become 487% more willing to be VULNERABLE with you. 
Okay, I made that number up. But it’s A LOT!!
And in case you didn’t know, vulnerability = intimacy, and intimacy = true, panties-on-fire, rock-your-world, gawd-don’t-eva-let-this-night-end, PASSION. 
And more importantly, it creates and solidifies an unbreakable emotional BOND. 
Want to REALLY bulletproof your relationship? 
Raise the bar so high, that NO ONE ELSE CAN COMPETE. I don’t mean just a one time thing, or only on Valentines Day or on your Anniversary. 
Anyone can do that shit, short-term. 
No, the thing that creates bulletproof walls is consistent, on-going, continual, emotional investment. It is the thing that CANNOT BE REPLACED by cheap imitations, or THINGS
None of this stuff works, if you are dealing with an emotionally weak or unstable partner. 
A pretty face, and nice tits and ass, are all good, for a minute. BUT, if your criteria for a mate didn’t also consist of integrity, honestly, loyalty, compassion, understanding, and a willingness to equally invest? 
Well, you’re on your own, after that minute has passed.
Of course, there are a lot of other qualities that are important as well, but you get the picture. 
And girls, this goes for you too. Rugged good looks, broad shoulders, and a fat wallet, may provide a good time, but it won’t be for a long time, if he ain’t bringing some character to the party too. 
Note: I said BRINGING character, not that he IS a character. 
LISTEN, You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken shit, so choose wisely. 
And then, give every mutha-fuggin thing you’ve got; and KEEP throwing it…
And when you forget—and you will—remind yourself what you have, what it’s worth, what you committed yourself to; and get your ass back on your game: 
The game of “how good can we make this?”
And when your partner forgets—and they will—remind them of what you have together, what it’s worth, what they committed to, and they need to get their ass back on their game:
The game of “how good can we make this?”
One question remains:
Am I Worthy of such love? 
This will require some time in the mirror. 
Only you know the honest answer to this question; and you better be honest about it. Because, I guarantee you, it’s showing up, if you don’t. 
If you’re not there yet, work on it. 
If you need help, private message us. 
Give all. Receive all. Require all. And experience Amazing Love. 
God Bless you. ~ Lucky Read
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