In an age of Political Correctness, which is dishonesty, disguised as caring; we have also not learned to distinguish the difference between outwardly-inflicted wounds, and those which are self-inflicted.
As a result, we have been taught to become emotionally immature. We are taught to value coddling over truth. We not only expect to get a trophy for coming in last place, we expect hugs and kisses, for spilt milk, days, weeks, months, or even years after the fact.
There is only one small issue with this state of mind; it cements us into a victimhood mentality, which is a state that completely disempowers us to TAKE control over our reactions.
There can be no denying that we all have been victimized, over the course of our lives, in one manner or another. BUT, it would serve us well to remember, the quality of our lives has absolutely nothing to do with how we have been wronged or abused, but rather, how we react to those injustices.
When we own our reactions to a situation or event, we then own our own freedom. This is important because FREEDOM is an essential ingredient to happiness.
Viktor Frankl speaks of this in “Man’s Search For Meaning”. In his book, he does not speak of physical freedom, as he was a Nazi prison camp survivor, but, the freedom of the mind to create whatever outcome it desires, AND the physical manifestation of the desire, when accompanied with absolute conviction.
If you are a victim of emotional immaturity, I would suggest you find a new hobby. If you are an enabler, I suggest you search for better methods of helping, because the one you’re using IS NOT!
The time is NOW, to rise up, and take control over your mind, emotions, and FREEDOM.
Life is Amazing when we choose it to be.