Amazing Living Introduction and Music
Dancing in the studio!
Why we decided to do a talk show
Long Distance Relationships: How and why they work
FRIENDSHIP as the basis of a romantic relationship
Communication is KEY
How WE Met
How to use Facebook to REALLY learn about someone
Lucky is a “Jerk”
Why do we go back to bad relationships?
Marketing a life coaching practice
The Problem with coaching rock stars and celebrities
How Lucky began coaching celebrities
How Lucky found Dawn on Facebook while marketing
Lucky wasn’t looking – fed up with relationships
Dawn was looking – Dawn is a Pitbull
How Dawn screens cold-call Facebook Friends
What Dawn found when she creeped Lucky’s page
The Magic that ensued when Dawn deviated from status quo
The first conversation – fast and furious
The one question Dawn had never been asked, and how she answered
Lucky’s Secret Room and the weird shit in there
Flirting, and the reason for it
Romanticism vs. reality of the Sailing Lifestyle
The first phone call
“Good girls don’t do that”
Dawn’s Two Page List of desires
8 minutes of Fast and Furious
13 hours of conversation by two relative strangers
Three Days Later – Exclusive relationship
Why we decided to “go steady” without actually meeting
Dawn’s decision to pack up and sail around the world with a stranger
“Breaking the news” to Dawn’s girlfriends
Dawn coaching from sidelines, while others played the game
Dawn learning about the sailing lifestyle through video
“Cruising with Bettie”
“Other People’s Paradise”
“The Sailing thing is legit”
Dawn’s friends’ extreme reaction to her decision
Why Dawn decided to say “yes”
Months Later – Dawn and Lucky have fallen in love – what kind of love was it?
Becoming intimate over the phone
Friendship Communication Morality Spirituality
How do we know if we have found “The One?”
We must meet
Flying Dawn to Minneapolis
“Cosmic Ridiculousness”
The History of “co-incidences”
How personal history shaped them for each other
Honesty and Transparency
How others viewed them and why
Pick a Card – Meeting, and The Beginning of Real Magic
Meeting Dawn was Awesome and Awful
What if there was no chemistry?
When a magic trick is trumped by “Real Magic”
“Holy Crap!” Moments
Five Days Together – What did we do?
We STILL talk for 10 hours a day – About what?
How beliefs serve us
Why do we not run out of things to say?
Dialogue – trying on ideas with someone
Mirroring ideas with someone you trust
What to do with an idea you’ve tried on
“Iron Sharpening Iron” What is it? What does it produce?
Why we chose to introduce ourselves
The use of tools, and practical application
It’s not “coffee talk”
We don’t tell you. We show you.
How we now have the AMAZING, magic life we have
Making up our minds
Following through with action
Not being a victim of circumstances
Learning from experience
Knowing what you want
Realizing the benefits of being “crucified” by life
Accountability to self
Development of strength through resistance
Did we get “Lucky?”
How our views of relationships shapes our future relationships
Massive changes in our 50’s
What you think
What you decide
Changing your course can happen any time; at any age
Start NOW