Opening Music and Introduction

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“A rut is a grave with both ends kicked out.” – Unknown, but we’re borrowing it.
Big Black Cat (BBC) joins us in the Studio
“Temptations” How I trained BBC to come home, sit and stay with these amazing “crack for cat” treats.

Not Just Romantic Love
Romantic Love is a By Product
Why Romantic Love Remains Elusive
How you do one thing is how you do everything
There is Incredible Creative Power in The Act of Loving

THE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE and their attributes

Love didn’t hurt you, the hurtful person or act did

What you Focus on GROWS
Focusing on Loving everything OUTSIDE Romantic Love
Focus on what you LOVE (The PRESENT Thing)
Focus on what you DESIRE (The thing you love in your FUTURE or that you don’t yet have)
Focus on what you’re THANKFUL FOR (The thing you love that you HAVE OR HAD)
Focusing on all three saturates and encompasses you in love

Life Doesn’t give you what you WANT, it reflects Who you ARE
The happiest, most energetic, most positive people are full of love and gratitude for EVERYTHING in their lives.
Loving the Little things adds up to the BIG things
How you do one thing is how you everything
Recording in our Underwear

Beginning with GRATITUDE is a magnet for more things to Love and Be Grateful for
Why the “30 Days of Gratitude” misses the mark
Focus is a MAGNET
Trying on New Ideas
Constantly declaring WHAT WE LOVE is an act of gratitude
The Art and Act of Practicing LOVE
“Where you focus goes, your energy grows”
The whole reason for the Facebook Hiatus
The Damaging Effect of Sharing and Reliving Negativity and Painful Events on Social Media
Society reinforces a dummying down, negative, lower level of thinking
The social experiment on the “constantly bitching” group on Facebook
How does YOUR Mindset Serve You?

Do we ALWAYS focus on what we love?
What Causes Moments or Days which aren’t amazing?
The Habit of Negative Mindset and what causes it
How to Turn Negative Days turn into Negative MINUTES
How Negativity ADDS up
Negativity is much like low-level chronic pain – You don’t realize how good you can feel
How to Get on the other side of Negativity QUICKLY

Finding the “fixer” when you haven’t learned anything
Going on coast in relationships doesn’t work long-term

Loving in manageable chunks
“You Don’t Climb Mt. Everest the First Day”
Thankfulness is a form of Love, and a great place to start
Deciding to regularly Love and Show Gratitude isn’t always easy – it takes discipline and time
The Snowball Effect of Gratitude and Self Perpetuating Discipline of Love
The Question is: “What do you WANT?”
Reprogramming a Negative Mindset
The Dangerous Habit that brings Pain into your life
Hating Monday on Sunday, and its repercussions

Love is a discipline that must be practiced in its parts in order to love the sum of it.

Material Objects: The Benefits of Loving “Things”
Love is not just something you feel; but something you DO
The foundation to everything we teach
Turning Love into an ART: Loving each other, our environment, animals, things, etc.
Operating in Love or Fear: They can’t reside side by side
Try this: The 10-second Experiment
The POWER of FOCUS – You Find what you Seek
Love of the PARTS of your life to love the SUM of your life
Is it BAD to love THINGS?
Does loving things make us more MATERIALISTIC or more LOVING and more AWARE?

The Love of a Lizard – Dr. Doolittle Strikes again Watch the video HERE
Focusing Love in one direction causes other things to fall away
Love is a magnet to attract more loving experiences, and LOVE TRUMPS FEAR

CONCLUSION: You have the ability to RADICALLY SHIFT your life, and expand the love in it, from that one containerized thing into EVERY area of life. The more you practice looking for the things you love in life, the more things you will love…eventually diluting and pressing out the things you don’t love.

But the Shift only occurs when YOU shift first.
You find what you diligently SEEK. It’s time to look for something different.


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