Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky – Episode 011
“Attracting An Amazing Life”
Making a CHOICE to feel AMAZING

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“Creating & Attracting an Amazing Life”
The difference between informed, uninformed and misinformed

Dumpster Diving for Information
How to Create Your Life and Your Luck and Real Magic – Law of Attraction 101
The Misunderstanding in “The Secret” 
By Rhonda Byrne
What IS the Law of Attraction?
Running the Law of Attraction through the Bible (or any religious text)
Navigating the Law of Attraction
“That’s TRUE for You”
Weighing Experience versus Science or Theory
Connecting the Dots
Preaching to the choir
Where do the TESTS of Life Come from?
“I Didn’t Know I MEANT It!”
Trying on the Ideas of our Life to see if they Hold Water

Genevieve Davis – Author of the “Magic” Series:

“Becoming Magic”

“Doing Magic”

“Advanced Magic”

“Magic” = Miracles, Luck, Good Fortune, Works of God, Miraculous Works, Holy Crap Moments
Going back to the File
Understanding what LOA is and is NOT
Sifting through the Mountain of Information
Dawn & Lucky’s Real Magic Moment (Episode 001)
Rhonda Byrne – “The Power” 
The Central Message of “The Power”
Do Thoughts REALLY Become Things?
Lane Becker, Thor Muller “Get Lucky”
Steve Jobs, The Creation of Pixar Films
The “Science” behind “Luck”
Emotion Drives Everything
The Importance of a Loose Grip on Specificity from Episode Three
Letting Go of “The Cursed Hows” Mike Dooley
Be Open to the Surprises of Life
Let Go of Control – Be Willing to Be “Unreasonable!”
“The Observer Effect” – What is it?
Dr. Joe Dispenza “Evolve your Brain”
The Greater the Belief, the Greater the Influence
Jesus was unable to do miracles because of the unbelief of the masses Matthew 13:58
Dr. Lissa Rankin “Mind Over Medicine”
You Get What You Diligently Seek
The Same Message from Different Angles
“You Are the Placebo” Referenced by us as “The Placebo Effect”
What is the Worst That Can Happen By Trying On a New Idea?
“The Mirror Doesn’t Smile First”
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