Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky – Episode 012
“Nothing but the Truth”

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Why Lucky is SO Happy
“Long Distance Pumping”

Lucky’s New Sector Nine “The Striker” Skateboard
Why A Rock Star Wouldn’t Let Lucky Ride His Skateboard
Celebrating Being 16 Again
Getting Away from a “Real Job”
Our Specialized Bikes: “Diverge DSW” “Dolce Evo” (Update:  Dawn’s getting the “Ruby Elite”)
What Dawn’s Friends say when they See Her
Why We Feel 16 Again
What Money Does to EVERYONE
Lucky and Dawn’s Social Experiment – The Question They Always Ask
The Three Reactions to The Question
The One Thing No “Millenial” Should EVER Say
Every girl needs a Nice Dinghy
How we grow younger as we age
Mountain Dew and Ephedra
What Lucky learned From Rock Stars about Cocaine
Escaping versus Engaging Life
Why do Rock Stars Heavily Medicate?
The Episode that Sends Lucky Home
Recording Seven Episodes in Three Days
“Florida Smoothies”
Smoothie King “Banana Berry Treat” “Orange KaBAM”
How your Truth Serves You
The Conversation with Dawn’s Friend Nancy
How your Truth Serves You affects every area of Life
What is “The TRUTH?”
The Two Schools of Thought Concerning “Truth”
The Evidence that Supports our Belief Systems
How we Filter Information Through our Beliefs
How Beliefs Become our TRUTHS
How Those Truths feed our Emotions and Actions
Example of Islam versus Radical Islam
Example of Christians versus Westboro Baptist Church
Coming to The Crossroads of Life
What if EVERYTHING you Believe is WRONG?
What happens when you Change a Belief
How to know if a belief is “wrong” or “right”
The WEIGHT of Collective Thought against a Singular Belief and Truth
Daring to Be That One Frog in the Pot
The One Question to Ask Yourself
What Happens When Your Truth Changes
Gary Vaynerchuk – The Guy’s On FIRE
Breaking out of Collective Consciousness
Why Society has it “WRONG”
When Your Truth Doesn’t Serve You — What Happens Next?
Why We Named the Boat “Chrysalis”
The Benefits of Living in the Moment
The moment in the Mirror
Making the Choice to Change your Truth
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