Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky – Episode 017 “Savor The Flavor”


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Dawn isn’t Pregnant, but she looks it
Patreon Listeners get a special BONUS:  Lucky’s Mashed Potatoes
We LOVE Our Walker Bay Dinghy “Ding-Gee”
“Savor the Flavor”
What Lucky Wanted More In his Life
A Quality Lucky Admires in Dawn
What is Amazing Living and What Does It Require?
Learning to “Be Still”
Small Things Come into Focus
The Goal is “To BE”
An Amazing Life is the Sum of the Amazing Parts
Learning to Notice the Little Things that Are Waiting For You
How Dawn Savors Her Beer
How Simplification Creates Enjoyment
Control of Our Own Time versus Being Told What to Do
The Love of the Loose Agenda
Why We Should Turn OFF the TV
How Over-Extension Produces Exhaustion, Not Fulfillment
People Work Harder for Praises than Raises
Message in the Mess
How Life Gets In the Way
“Your Quality Of Life Is In Direct Proportion to What You Do With Your Free Time” – Lucky Read
We Decide to “Have Time”
The REAL way to “Make More Time”
Identify your “WASTES” of time
Why You’re Bored
“You’re Bored Because You’re Boring” – Lucky Read
Why Most People are Bored in Their Relationships
For the Sum to Be Amazing, the Parts Must Be Amazing
Why It’s not about “making” time
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Where Is Your FOCUS?
Awareness is KEY
How to Savor the Flavor of EVERYTHING
The Cage Almost Every Young Man Walks Into
Why So Many People Find themselves in A “Crisis” at Midlife
“If I could just…”
“I will be Happy ‘When’”
The Trap of the Means to the End
Why Lucky’s Very Favorite Band to Tour With is “The Kentucky Headhunters
We are Humans Being; not Humans Doing
Where Life’s Biggest Shifts Occur
Why It’s Good to be Intolerant
The Most Important Filter Used to Determine an Amazing Life
The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself
The Number One Reason People Give For Not Being Able to Change
The Number One Strategy for Change
The Number One Mistake We Make When We Have a Chance to Get Ahead
Dave Ramsey:  Live Like No One Else Now, so you can Live Like No One Else Later
The Most Important Decision You will Make to Have An Amazing Life
Our Life is an Experiment
Our Lives Expand by Removing Things That Steal “Time”
“What NOT to do” Upcoming Episode!
Make the Decision to BE Happy FIRST, and then Allow LIFE to happen
Life can be Delicious or Drudgery
It’s Your Choice what you Savor
The Amazing Life is the Sum of the Amazing Parts
Love and Savor The Small Parts, and Watch Every Ingredient Add Up to The Amazing Life
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