Your experience in life is the result of the space for which you create and allow room.

Have you ever noticed how GOOD you feel when you finally clear out and clean a cluttered area?

Conversely, have you noticed the low-level tension building in YOU, as items you didn’t want there begin to clutter-up and dirty that once open and clean space?

It matters not whether it is a cabinet, drawer, closet, countertop, garage, car, room, garden…when you clear a space, it doesn’t take very long before that open space fills up with something. You have a choice every day about what goes in that space; but, if you don’t pay close attention every day, a little clutter builds up here and there; and before you realize, your once clean, open space is filled with things you didn’t really want there; but that you ALLOWED in.

Either YOU PUT IT there, or you allowed someone else to put it there; but, guess what?

It is there by your action, your permission, and your choice.

The same is true in your mind, heart, spirit, body, relationships and emotions, as in any physical space.

What is there, in that space inside YOU, is there by your action, your permission, and your choice.

Do you have fear of the future, remorse, guilt or shame from your past, feelings of lack, frustration, envy, anxiety, or drama and conflict, in the space in you or around you? Would you rather have gratitude, peace, power, freedom, love, happiness, abundance, joy and harmony?

How do you WANT to feel? This is an important question you need to honestly answer for yourself.

Because, what occupies the space in your life is there by YOUR action, permission and choice.

And, the longer you let clutter go, unaddressed—either around you, or in you—the bigger it gets.

So, if you want to feel amazing about your life, take a close look at what occupies it; decide if it is what you want, and then clear your space of anything cluttering you internally. Clean house; and declutter your life of thoughts, behaviors, feelings, words, actions and relationships that bring you repeating and building levels of tension; and instead make room for the things you really WANT for yourself and your life.

The clock is ticking.

You don’t get a do-over on today, this week, this month, this life. Your life won’t magically clean itself up any sooner than your garage or closet will. It will require you getting started NOW, being willing to make what you might initially feel are some tough decisions, getting your hands dirty with decisive action, setting up boundaries, and making daily choices so that your personal space stays clean and full of the things you WANT.

Don’t waste another minute feeling anything but amazing.

~ Dawn Read

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