…and you should too.
I give 1000 fucks about my independent, sometimes weak, mostly strong, intolerant, loyal, supportive, sometimes crude, in-your-face, delicate, feminine woman, with more balls than most men, but nicer tits and ass than women 30 years younger than she. She’s motivational, inspirational, and a get-shit-done kinda gal.
Her outward beauty is only overshadowed by her ENORMOUS heart, compassion and generosity. She is a total class act; and blends seamlessly within a room of the wealthiest snobs, yet is a total porn star in our bedroom. She’s real, authentic, genuine, and congruent. If there is a piece of her you have not seen, it’s NOT because she pretending, or being phony or fake. It’s because you either haven’t been around her long enough, or you simply don’t deserve to see certain aspects of her, because of her choosing.
There are simply NO words to describe how proud I am of my WIFE Dawn Read.
Let this be a hint to you men out there. You want the most AMAZING relationship you could ever imagine?
It only requires one thing.
Find a genuine rock star, and sweep that fucking bitch off her feet. Don’t tolerate any of her bullshit, but hold her like she’s never been held, love her like no other motherfucker ever could, and simply accept her fully, with ZERO reservations. Be there when she gets over her crap; cuz if she’s a true bad ass, she will, and then she’ll love the shit out of you for holding your ground and being HER MAN. Prove to her, through ACTION, that you are the fucking King. Don’t bullshit her, and when you fuck up (and you WILL, unless you’re a pussy, and don’t do anything ever; which IS a fuck up), OWN it, learn from it, and fix it, for God’s sake.
A few times a week, when your buddies ask you to go for that Harley ride, golfing, or work on the hot rod, tell them to go fuck themselves; then take your Queen to the beach, mountains or even a park; then take her for a nice dinner, and then molest her in the car, like when you were both 16 years old, and on your 3rd date.
Make PASSIONATE love to her; preferably in the back seat of the car. If you don’t have a back seat, like us, take her some place private, or maybe home to your own bed, if that’s the only thing that works for you both.
In the morning, make her coffee in bed. Not just after a night of passion, but every fucking day! Get off your lazy ass, and show her, she’s your fucking queen, and deserves it.
Carry EVERY MOTHERFUCKING THING for that woman!!! My wife is lucky I let her carry her own fucking purse. The running joke at our house (boat) is “He haw, he haw, he hawlways carries everything.” Yes, I can be an ass, but I’m HER ass, and pack mule.
NEVER let her walk on the side of traffic, not on a sidewalk, or even in a parking lot.
Treat her like every man on the planet is trying to steal her away from you; cuz if she’s really all THAT, they are. Pity the moron that thinks he can move in on your woman. For one, he’s not so bad ass a shovel can’t even the score; and two, she will humiliate his sorry ass for being such a disrespectful dipshit. No rock star woman has time for disrespect; towards her, or her man. Only the dip stick, bimbo, little girls will fall for that crap!
Flirt your ass off. WITH HER!!! Ignore all those other bitches. Trust me, when women see how FUCKING HARD you love her, they’ll want a piece of that too. And if they’re fucking hawt, they’ll think they can get it. Don’t be a dip shit, embarrass her ass, and send a message to all the other “C” words, just like her, that they’re fucking with the Throne, and the ONLY thing that’s coming from that is NOT head, but someone losing theirs.
If you don’t have a few million $$$ in the bank, which most of us do not, start or learn to grow your part time business. Work on your bills with your full time job, while you work on your fortune with your part time business.
Get off your ass, and go for a walk, jog, go the the gym, surf, ride your kid’s skateboard or bike. Better yet, buy your own. But get moving. Wanna be a bad ass in her bed, you’re gonna need energy to keep up, especially when you’re giving this kind of love.
No, you’re not done quite yet.
Dedicate some time to what I call Lucky’s Craft Hour. Get out the glue gun, scissors and construction paper, and make her some romantic shit. Or go on-line, and have someone make it for you; but use that creative skull of yours to try and touch her soul.
Oh, is that too PUSSY for you, tough guy? NO, pussy, is jacking off alone, while your woman’s crying to her friends about what a macho dickless dick you are.
I could go on for days, but I gotta save some stuff for the book. But here is my last piece of advice…
When she gets bored with all this doting, and starts taking it a bit for granted–and SHE WILL– it’s called human nature; but, when she gets complacent, STOP!!!
Shut off her oxygen supply. Don’t stop loving her, because LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL. And although, love is unconditional, all that over-the-mutha-fucking-top hero shit, THAT SHIT IS EARNED.
Yes, she will think your being a dick. So what, she’ll get over it.
Trust me, if you treat her like she is the ONLY fucking thing on this planet, and that there is nothing in your life that you want more than to please her, no matter what it takes, and the ONLY thing that is required from her is some fucking APPRECIATION? She WILL get the message, and in a nanosecond, she’ll be serving you pancakes in bed, and blowing you while you eat them.
Remember this, gentlemen: if you really found a rock star, she’s no dummy. And she’s learning from YOU, too!!!
All that shit you’re doing to build her up? It won’t take long until she’s doing the same for you. Cool right? Think again. The second YOU step out of line, and start taking HER for granted?
Well guess what?
She’s closing shop on YOUR ass too, at least till you get back in line, and show her the respect and appreciation she deserves, as well.
It is true, what you send out, comes back. Why EVERYONE is not reading more of our stuff, or signing up for our Total Relational Transformation, Life Coaching Program completely escapes me.
If you have the skills and awareness, why the fuck aren’t you using them? And if you don’t, for the love of everything holy, learn them. If not from our life coaching, then from some place.
Last Thought (again)
YES, I realize there are some very successful people out there. YES, I realize there are some people who have a great life. BUT I am telling you right here and now, no matter HOW GOOD you THINK life is; no matter how happy and inspired you THINK you are; you are fucking clueless, if you don’t understand how much better it will be, when you and that rock star woman of yours can take your love and passion to the next level.
Want to make a few million dollars? Get your fucking love life in order; and it will be impossible to stop you from it, EVEN if you think money’s not all that important.
An AMAZING LIFE is abundance in ALL AREAS, not just one.
~ Lucky Read