Because it’s been almost 2 years, and he is hotter and heavier toward me than he was on the first day we met.

He doesn’t take “no” for an answer:  Not from me, from others, or from himself.  There isn’t any “quit” in him.

Excellence runs through his veins.

He is just about the happiestperson I know.

He is bullshit-intolerant, and yet demonstratessaintly patiencewith himself and me and others.

He is emotionaland tough, andemotionally tough, depending on the circumstance.

I have not seen a more shining example of someone who isselfless, loving, brave, take-no-prisoners brash, in-your-face, tender, tough, passionate, chivalrous, unapologetically maleand unapologetically mine.

He would take a bullet for me. He would not only die for me; he would kill for me.

But most importantly, every freaking day, this man LIVES for me.

When I asked, no, DARED, God with my two-page detailed list of my deepest desires for a man and relationship, I realized it was an incredibly lofty list.

In my previous relationships, of course, there were good things about each person that I loved. I not only dared to put all of those best traits on paper; but I wanted MORE. There were other things…unspoken things hidden deep in my heart I learned about myself over the course of time, that I knew I must have in order to be insanely happy in the relationship of my desires. I wrote them all down.

I knew two things:

I was ready for him, and I was worthy of him.

People told me I couldn’t have it all. I was told I was unreasonable. I was told I couldn’t just order a man this way.


Was my intention realized, or, did I just get “Lucky?”

All I know, is when God saw fit to arrange The Universe in such a way that My Path and Lucky’s would intersect, it was as if The Universe SHOWED OFF for me, and said,
“Girl, is THAT all? Honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

I will be forever thankful for The Gift I was given.

Lucky, you have my loyalty, my respect and my love forever.

~ Dawn Read