What Bill

has said...

What Bill has said...

Bill Bruno

~ Rock Hill, SC.

"It takes a bold commitment to step off the program of the norm and actually live.

Dawn and Lucky not only are setting sail to live life but have chosen to bring along with them like-minded individuals through their inspiration and coaching.

Their very real and unfiltered podcasts, posts and videos show a raw unscripted and passionate truth that is not typical of your everyday life coach or motivational speaker.

They are very honest people who are not pushing a sales pitch. They are truly inspiring. I am thankful that they are giving me guidance on my path to an awesome life. "

Nancy Bowling

~ Duncan, OK.

I feel honored and blessed to have join forces with Dawn & Lucky. DAWN has touched my life in a way I can NOT...

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Kristie Cotton

~ Duncan, OK.

If y'all wanna figure out how to have a kickass life, just go check out Dawn and Lucky Read’s radio show!!!...

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Helen Hover

~ Centerville, SD.

"No pushing, no preaching, just living and sharing. You show me that even though our circumstances...

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Helen Hover

~ Centerville, SD

No pushing, no preaching, just living and sharing. You show me that even though our circumstances...

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Ariane Michaud

~ Ottawa, ON. CANADA

"Such an inspiration!!! Their energy is amazing and just adorable! More please!!!”

Susan Snyder

~ La Verne, CA.

The money in my Pension was dwindling, month-after-month. When I learned why, I was able to take control...

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Amber Bragdon

~ Kernersville, NC.

As a single woman, I only had myself to rely on. There was no knight in shining armor to save the day...

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Jerry Raymond

~ Birmingham, AL.

Dawn and Lucky have helped keep my wife Dawn and I on track. They taught us NOT to have life dreams, but have...

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Virginia Mathias

~ Waukesha, WI

"I hadn't looked at my 401k in over six months. I when I finally did, I was in shock at how much was NOT there. After learning more about my own money, and getting control of it, it's now performing better than I imagined."

Rachel Redding

~ Mobile, AL.

The world needs more of Dawn and Lucky. They are a dynamic duo, and their everyday life is a living testimony that is inspiring others...

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Ron Jones

~ Nashville, TN.

I had no idea how much money I was actually losing; month after month, year after year. The information, resources, and training...

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Angie Harris

~ Henderson, TX.

Last night I had a little meltdown! Wanna know what’s cool about that!? Before I knew about Dawn & Lucky...

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Deepali Mahajan

~ San Francisco, CA.

Dawn and Lucky are nothing short of life saviors. They have literally been the guiding and molding forces behind...

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Shelly Smigel

~ Redlands, CA.

While they were not what I originally expected, they were exactly what I needed! Their willingness to share...

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Larry Johnson

~ Boynton Beach, FL.

"Man, what a great show. I'm looking forward to every Friday now. Y'all will make my return trip back home from Dallas more enjoyable”

Iron sharpens Iron

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Sharon Kay Coleman

~ Rhome, TX.

A little over a year ago I was STUCK. I had years of baggage, 6 failed marriages, the loss of my 5-year...

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Tammi Palmer

~ Oceanside, CA.

These two are a true inspiration, tell it like it is, in your face, caring, full of love individuals, that aren't only...

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Laurie Roth

~ Ft. Meyers, FL.

Awesome... Thank you again for sharing your story and for bringing it to us. It is very deep and encouraging,...

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Dave Spier

~ Collinsville, IL.

"I am so impressed with what Lucky and Dawn are accomplishing. Their videos and podcasts are amazing."

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Nathanael Sutterfield

~ World Traveler

I’ve been to Thailand, India, Russia, Alaska by motorcycle, and a half a dozen other countries. Almost died...

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Sabrina Schaefer

~ Drewsey, OR.

There is something about the authenticity, the chemistry, and enthusiasm of Dawn & Lucky...

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Sunny Smith

~ Duncan, OK.

Amazing Living is where it's at and if you haven't been following along with Dawn Read and Lucky Read...

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Angie Castle Csucsai

~ Statesville, NC.

I promise that if you listen to these two, your going to find at least one thing you can relate to. They have been...

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Tonya Iliff

~ W.V.C, UT.

Dawn & Lucky have helped me so much. I'm no longer a truck driver. I'm now an instructor, teaching people...

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Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat)

~ Tampa, FL.

"These two are doing some beautiful stuff! Congratulations!”

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